Authors: Ingo Meirick Master Systems Designer @ Ericsson, Doug Smith Principal SW Engineer @ Red Hat, Fatih E. NAR Chief Architect @ Red Hat.

In the previous episode (Episode III Meshville) we have presented some of the shortcomings of istio based service mesh and offered some thoughts/prayers for the way forward. While CNCF Network Plumping WG is working on possible solutions , we have faced a new challenge about how the sidecar container get plugged into the pod; init-container vs istio-cni. In this episode we will cover that area as much as we can.

Istio has reached 1.11.2 recently and…

Authors: Doug Smith Principal SW Engineer, Fatih E. NAR Chief Architect, Vikas Grover Principal Solution Architect

Observability is a measure of how well internal states of a system can be inferred from knowledge of its external outputs. In control theory, the observability and controllability of linear systems are mathematical duals; they are correlated. In Kubernetes (aka K8s) the basic facilities of a platform control system can help you determine certain states (readiness, healthiness, etc) of your workloads and act on collected data to reach workload’s desired declared state, however they are very limited and narrowly focussed.

In order to achieve…

Authors: Rimma Iontel Chief Architect, Fatih E. NAR Chief Architect


Kubernetes (aka k8s) is a proven base platform for hosting micro-services. It facilitates cloud native approach to application development , coupled with DevOps and GitOps tooling, it has become a “de-facto platform” for containerized services across multiple industries.

However, k8s is not an end-game, i.e. it may not be enough by itself to address all the needs for application development and the post-deployment operational tasks which manage the mature, reliable and predictable execution of these applications.

We have seen complementary, i.e. not replacing but enriching, solutions in the market that fill the gaps or close the weaknesses on platforms where…

Authors: Fatih Nar Chief Architect, Ishu Verma Emerging Technology Evangelist at Red Hat

It’s becoming a cliche to say that communications service providers have enormous business opportunities and technical challenges with building and delivering 5G service offerings with hyperscaler (i.e. public cloud service providers) infrastructures. Most of the major communication service providers have already announced or are work-in-progress to bring a 5G solution that combines their on-premise infrastructure with commoditized cloud computing. While there are common elements, by and large, each service provider is pursuing their own unique approach in creating the 5G solution with their choice of partner ecosystem…

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